Qantas hires star power in safety video

Employees allegedly criticise new safety video “starring” John Travolta

Qantas is “really happy” about its new three-minute inflight safety video in which the airline’s Goodwill Ambassador and Hollywood star John Travolta, dressed as a pilot, gives a pre-take-off safety demonstration. But employees of the airline have told Australia’s Daily Telegraph newspaper that they find it “corny”, “cringe-worthy” and “trite”. Some said they would have rather seen Captain Richard de Crespigny, whose actions saved 466 passengers and crew on a flight from Singapore that almost turned to tragedy last year, to be in the video.
“This is your captain speaking,” Travolta says in the video. “Well, maybe not today. But I can guarantee that the guys on the flight deck and the great team care just as much about aircraft safety as I do.” Travolta is a certified private pilot. He owns five aircraft, including a Boeing 707-138. A number of Qantas flight attendants said they objected to being referred to as a team, preferring to be called “cabin crew members”.
[pictured: John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John at Qantas A380 inaugural flight, Los Angeles]

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