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Dan Nang, Vietnam (photo: Qatar Airways)

Qatar Airways adds Da Nang in Vietnam

Besides Gothenburg and Tallinn, among others, Qatar Airways is also adding Da Nang to its portfolio this year.

Qatar Airways has revealed it will start four times weekly flights to the increasingly popular coastal city of Da Nang in Vietnam on December 19.

The route will be served by a Boeing 787-8 aircraft, with 22 seats in business class and 232 seats in economy.

Qatar began direct services to Ho Chi Minh City in 2007 and launched its Hanoi service in 2010. It currently provides 10 times weekly flights to Ho Chi Minh City and twice-daily direct flights to Vietnam’s capital city.

In October 2017, the carrier announced an interline partnership with Vietnam-based Vietjet Air, allowing its passengers to travel to and from points in Vietnam not served directly by Qatar Airways, using a single reservation across both airlines’ networks.

Beaches and history
The city of Da Nang is renowned for its sandy beaches and fascinating history as a French colonial port, Qatar Airways says about the new route. It also has a history as a French colonial port.

“This charming city offers magnificent views of Da Nang Bay and its beautiful Marble Mountains, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing summer vacation,” it says.

Da Nang has seen a tremendous increase in its visitor numbers, with a record-breaking 6.6 million tourists in 2017, doubling the figure in 2013. In 2015, the New York Times listed it among the top 52 places to visit.

“Da Nang is becoming increasingly popular among tourists and has experienced extraordinary development since 2008,” says Ngo Quang Vinh director of the Da Nang Tourism Department.

“As of June 2018, Da Nang has welcomed the presence of 24 international airlines, operating 15 frequent direct flights to and from overseas destinations,” he added before saying he is delighted to also welcome Qatar Airways.

Among the new destinations Qatar Airways is planning to add in 2018 are Gothenburg, Tallinn and Valletta.

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