Qatar Airways attacked for sexist job ad

Women asked to come to event in short skirts

Norway’s anti-discrimination ombudsman has criticised Qatar Airways after the airline told all women coming to a cabin crew recruitment event in Oslo to wear short skirts. Men were told to wear business suits.

“We believe that it is contrary to the law that there should be different clothing requirements for men and women,” Carl Fredrik Riise, an advisor to the ombudsman, told the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv. “It discriminates between applicants on the basis of gender.”

The ad was then quickly changed, to both sexes being asked to come in “business wear”.

However, an ad on the Qatar Airways website for a similar recruitment event in Romania remained unchanged: “For Ladies: business suit, knee length skirt (with skin colour stockings or no stockings) and short sleeved blouse. Hair neatly tied back with appropriate make up.”

The Local

[photo courtesy Qatar Airways]

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