Qatar to boost cruise market for 2022 World Cup

Qatar tourism authority eager to compete with other cruise destinations
More than 6,000 cruise-ship cabins will be available for football fans at the 2022 Qatar World Cup as the destination seeks to attract more cruise traffic.
The Qatar Tourism Authority is keen to use the sporting event to compete more effectively with other destinations that receive more than 200,000 cruise visitors per year. It plans to contract a minimum 6,000 cabins on cruise ships for the World Cup in seven years’ time.
The country believes that improving its cruise offering will also benefit Qatar Airways, as well as local businesses who will see increased custom from passengers making shore excursions.
“Through Cruise Arabia we aim to position Qatar and the Arabian Gulf as a premier cruise destination, thus reinforcing Qatar’s position on the world tourism map as a premium destination for authentic experiences, business facilitation, and family-focused recreation,” Hassan Al Ibrahim, the tourism authority’s chief tourism development officer, said at the recent Cruise Shipping Miami event.
“We want to promote Qatar as a key maritime destination and capitalise on the already substantial cruise traffic in the Gulf, which Qatar is currently unable to support.”
He added: “Since Qatar has ambitious plans to establish a number of ports across the country, namely the new $7 billion port project, we are well placed to take advantage of this tourism sector.”
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[image courtesy Qatar Tourism Authority]