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Fiskekyrkan, Gothenburg (photo: Anders Wester, Goteborg & Co)

Questions about history of Gothenburg answered

The history of the city will be explained in a series of videos from the Museum of Gothenburg, to be broadcast on social media in celebration of the 400th anniversary in 2021.

The Museum of Gothenburg has put out a call for questions about the city’s history. Ten questions will be answered in the video series entitled How Did We Get Here?, to be broadcast on social media this autumn.

“Now you can ask the questions about Gothenburg that you always wondered about but never dared ask,” said Håkan Strömberg, historian and educator at the museum.

Together with his colleague Ylva Berglund from the museum’s urban development unit, he will do his utmost to answer questions about the city’s history. The pair have previously worked together on the museum’s podcasts.

Gothenburg’s 400
With this new video series, the Gothenburg 2021 project team at the marketing body Göteborg & Co and the city museum say they want to highlight the underlying reason for the celebration of an anniversary – the city’s history.

Together with Håkan and Ylva, they want viewers to discover the city through various issues, eras and neighbourhoods.

It will be broadcast on the social media channels of both the museum and the anniversary organisers starting in August. Until then, all Gothenburgers are invited to ask questions to see whose make it into the series.

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