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Rare tornado strikes airport in Turkey

Buses were overturned, objects became projectiles and planes were damaged in a freak weather incident.

Buses and air-stairs were flipped on their sides and multiple objects turned into missiles as a rare tornado wreaked havoc and damaged aircraft at Turkey’s Antalya Airport at the weekend, the Daily Sabah reports.

A spell of terrible weather has brought a series of tornados to this part of southern Turkey normally known for its sunny weather and hordes of tourists.

The one that caused the chaos at Antalya Airport was the fifth in four days, injuring 12 people. Two buses and a minibus were overturned in the powerful winds and two sets of air-stairs fell over.

Two planes and a police helicopter suffered significant damage in the storm, Antalya Governor Münir Karaloğlu told the Turkish news channel NTV.

Without power
Almost 230 buildings have been damaged by the storms and tornadoes, the authorities say, and 140 transformer stations in Antalya have sustained major damage. However, power has begun to be restored to most households and air traffic is now reported to be back to normal.

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