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Sjusjøen Husky Tours (Visit Oslo)

Record season for dog sledding tourism

Businesses in Norway reveal that these increasingly popular winter tours are seeing the best season ever.

On top of posting record figures for ski pass sales this long winter season, Norway has also revealed that dog sledding businesses are seeing the best season ever.

The winter activity is becoming one of the most popular experiences for tourists in Norway in winter, and a number of players in this niche market are reporting a record season.

On Visit Norway’s books there are 103 enterprises that currently offer dog sledding, according to the newspaper The Nation.

“We’ve had the best winter season. It started as early as October, and with this year’s huge snowfall we will offer dog racing here at Sjusjøen until mid-May,” Ida Nilseng from Sjusjøen Husky Tours tells the newspaper.

Further north, sledges pulled by packs of dogs has also become popular in Sjodalen in Vågå municipality.

“We have chosen to unite with local dog breeders and offer tours of different lengths. The offers are very popular, and so far this winter we have seen growth of around 40% compared with the same time last year,” Torill Tvedt says at Sjodalen Cabins and Camping.

Unison with nature
Similar businesses in Agder, Trøndelag and Troms are also experiencing growth.

“Many tourists prefer dog sledding because it is more environmentally friendly and in unison with nature,” claims the general manager of Lyngen Adventures, although he emphasises too that snowmobile trips are as popular as ever.

When they finish the season in early April, this company will have had around 20,000 customers for its winter activities.

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