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Record summer is bad news for agents

Record-breaking temperatures are predicted across northern and central Europe this year, encouraging staycations.

Having already recorded the best May weather since records began, in many places right across northern Europe, the hot weather is forecast to continue – more bad news for agents trying to sell last-minute holidays to the Mediterranean.

Danish weather forecaster DMI says the good weather will continue, the Copenhagen Post reports, encouraging more people in the Nordic and Baltic countries to try a ‘staycation’.

Its long-range forecast from July to September promises “a significantly drier and rather sunnier and warmer summer than normal”.

The DMI asserts that “there is therefore no need to travel south for your holidays, and the weather will be in great contrast to last year’s rainy and cold summer”.

The reason for the good weather in the north is that the jetstream flowing from the west appears to be further north than normal, allowing for long periods of high pressure with dry and sunny weather across large parts of northern Europe.

This could be interrupted in July by short showers, some of which could be heavy and thundery, the DMI warns, together with several heatwaves. Later, periods of dry but cooler air from the west or north are expected in September.

Extreme heat
In a detailed forecast for the summer in Europe, AccuWeather predicts “intense heat to seize France to Germany” and “fierce storms to hit from Poland to Italy and Romania”.

There will be an increased risk of drought in parts of Eastern Europe and a high risk of wildfires from France into Germany and the Alps, as sweltering heat builds across parts of western and central Europe.

Temperatures are expected to soar to or past 32 C on many occasions from June into August in France, Italy and Germany, AccuWeather says. They will reach 38 C in southern France and northern Italy, “which could produce dangerous conditions for the young and elderly,” senior meteorologist Alan Reppert warns.

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