Relaxing holidays – still what people want

Scandinavians and other Europeans enjoy a simple holiday the most, survey finds

A relaxing holiday with no activities beyond a little sightseeing is still the most popular type of break for people from the Nordic countries, Germany, the UK and other parts of the world. That’s the conclusion of a new Reuters survey conducted in 24 countries, in which 35% of respondents said they prefer this type of vacation – nearly twice the number who prefer a holiday that includes hiking, boating, sailing, fishing or camping, a family break with children or a cultural holiday.
A relaxing holiday away from the long northern winter, with a sprinkling of sightseeing, is the vacation of choice for 41% of Swedes, 43% of Brits and 45% of Germans. Holidays involving adventure travel and cosmopolitan breaks with plenty of shopping and dining are the least popular holiday types for holidaymakers from all of the countries surveyed. However, 9% of Russians enjoy a thrill-seeking break, 12% of Saudi respondents look for a cosmopolitan vacation and 24% Japanese opt for a cultural break involving museums, galleries and festivals.
[pictured: Chania, Greece]