Rent an entire village!

You can rent the whole country too.

If you do not like your hotel, take the entire village and make it yours. Rename streets and squares, have your logo carved into the white snow of a mountain slope or introduce your own currency.
Renting Liechtenstein will cost you $70,000 a night, but you can find villages for $50,000. The first village to participate in the concept was Brand, in the Austrian Alps, which still maintains a high popularity rate. You can rent other Austrian villages, German towns, or a Swiss ski-resort, try the local wine or get into winter sporting activities.
The popularity, as one can expect, remains among top corporate companies, like AEG, Siemens, Hyundai. 
In all cases, the locals benefit from the village renting activity and contribute to the development of their own village. Local businesses, clubs and associations are also happy to offer their services, from catering and technical assistance to indoor and outdoor activities.
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