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A BIG Travel store (photo: BIG Travel)

Resecity travel agency renamed BIG Travel

The Swedish travel agency network will now work under a common brand, BIG Travel, as a merger between the two is completed.

All of Sweden’s Resecity travel agency branches are changing their names to BIG Travel this month, and for customers the most significant difference is a new logotype and new email addresses.

A traditional full-service travel agency that has been in operation since 1982, Resecity opened its first office in Huddinge near Stockholm, where it still has its base.

Today it has 11 offices across Sweden, serving both corporate and private customers with a balance of about 60% and 40%, respectively.

In the corporate segment, a large proportion of the customers are in public administration, such as county councils, colleges and municipalities.

In all cases, the agency says it serves clients “with personalised service – we book everything for everyone”.

On December 30, 2016, Resecity was acquired by Taptum AB, owner of its bigger rival, Stockholm-based BIG Travel, and from May 1 last year the BIG Travel and Resecity brands officially united in the joint group BIG Travel Sweden AB.

But it is only now that all of the Resecity branches have started to work under a common brand.

Bigger network
BIG Travel is now one of the country’s largest travel agency chains with 34 stores in Sweden and operations in Denmark and Norway as well as VIP Travel in Finland. The tour operator Reseshopen in Ljusdal is also part of the group. Globally, there is cooperation with Radius Travel.

“Customers can continue to book their travels just as usual,” Resecity says. “For private visitors there is an exciting new website to get acquainted with, at, where you can book flights and hotels online easily and take advantage of current offers from cruise companies and charter operators.”

“Now we will work under a common brand – BIG Travel which provides only benefits for both staff and customers,” assures Maria Olivelund, chief executive of BIG Travel Sweden.

“We have already been working in a joint organisation since May 2017 and together we have 34 full-service travel agencies around Sweden – from Östersund in the north to Ystad in the south. The local anchorage is still as important as it always has been.”

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