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Resia scoops best Swedish travel site award

“We strongly believe in the combination of a good site and personalised service by a travel specialist,” the CCO says.

Resia Travel, a leisure, business and MICE travel organiser based in Stockholm, has won an award as Sweden’s best travel agency.

Resegeometri, now under its new Nordic Bench brand, has been carrying out independent surveys of trends, behaviour and customer satisfaction in the travel and meeting industry since 2004.

Among other things it conducts a regular survey where Swedes can rate the websites and service in the travel industry, and this year Resia was voted as the winner.

Clear information about price and content, no surprising additions and user-friendliness is what distinguishes Resia’s booking site, the survey’s respondents said.

“The fact that the Swedes have chosen Resia as the best booking site is fantastic and an acknowledgment that our focus on a good customer experience has yielded results,” says Lisa Bruzelius, the agency’s chief commercial officer.

“For most of us, the holiday are the most important days of the year, so service for the customer is so much more than just a clean booking. It’s a vote of trust we get from our customers.”

Holiday wallet
Just over a year ago, Resia launched an updated site focusing on improving the customer experience. Now, in 2019, the site will be further developed and a new booking engine will improve the user friendliness still further, the company promises.

Competition in the travel industry is tough, where players from big global players to local start-ups are involved, competing to win the money in the Swedish holiday wallet. And regardless of whether the customer is completely digital or wants personal service, the journey begins online.

“The Swedes are both more digital and more willing to judge than most others in the world. So it is clear that the expectations of us as travel companies are high,” Bruzelius says.

“We work by being able to give the customer a really good experience and high availability, no matter where we meet. We strongly believe in the combination of a good site and personalised service by a travel specialist. We are there, and it’s our strength, not least if something goes wrong.”

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