Tips on managing your online reputation

Managing your hotel’s online reputation has become essential

Often hoteliers say they want to respond to customer reviews online at sites such as TripAdvisor, but fail to do so effectively. Responding to negative and occasionally to positive reviews and saying you’re willing to make improvements sends the message that you care about your customers’ opinions. But it’s a time-consuming and intimidating process – on TripAdvisor you only get one chance to respond, with no edits. Appointing a person or team to manage the hotel’s online reputation and holding regular meetings may be the solution.
In the responses, which should come promptly and from high-level staff, hotels should avoid promoting the property in any way, and also avoid too much repetition in different responses. For particularly harmful reviews that may or may not be true, such as bedbug claims, it is advisable to track down the guests, resolve the issue offline and try to persuade them to delete the review.
[pictured: Terrace Cafe, Holiday Inn Batam]