Reunion debris “very likely” part of missing MH370

Debris appears to be flaperon from wing of Boeing 777
Officials involved in the search for missing plane MH370 are giving increasingly positive signals that the debris found on the French island of Reunion is from the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 that vanished in March 2014.
It is “very likely” the debris is from MH370, Martin Dolan, the official who heads Australia’s search efforts, tells the BBC. But he adds that the hugely expensive recovery operation in the southern part of the ocean was “in the right place” and should continue.
The debris, probably a flaperon – the moving part of the wing – from a Boeing 777, is being flown to France for analysis. The remains of what appears to be a suitcase was also found on Reunion.
“There is no other recorded case of a flaperon being lost from a Boeing 777,” Dolan said.