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Reusing Radisson’s towels helps 15,000 lives

Radisson Hotel Group is doubling an initiative to contribute money to a charity for every towel reused.

Radisson Hotel Group says its towel reuse initiative has helped to transform the lives of more than 15,000 people worldwide, TTG reports.

The group has expanded the programme from its Radisson Blu hotels to its Radisson RED and Radisson Collection hotels, which it says underlines its commitment to responsible tourism and water conservation.

Radisson first partnered with the safe water and sanitation charity Just a Drop back in 2015, as part of its Think Planet initiative.

The aim of the collaboration is to ensure that more children in some of the world’s most impoverished communities have access to safe drinking water.

Guests at Radisson Blu properties are asked to reuse their towels rather than leaving them for laundry. For every towel reused, Radisson Hotel Group contributes a donation to Just a Drop.

To date, some 3.4 million towels have been reused, raising enough money to bring safe drinking water to 15,002 people in Just a Drop’s projects in Kenya, Nicaragua, Peru and India.

“Follow their example”
“Radisson Hotel Group’s partnership with Just a Drop clearly demonstrates the impact businesses can have on the sustainability agenda,” Fiona Jeffery, Just a Drop’s founder and chairman, explained.

“Radisson Hotel Group and Just a Drop strategically complement one another. It’s rewarding doubling the benefit of Radisson’s towel reuse programme, which not only saves water but saves lives across the globe.

She added: “We hope that the success of the initiative encourages others to follow their example, as the tourism and hospitality industries can make a huge impact by giving back to communities across the globe.”

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