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Photo: Ports of Stockholm

Revenues and jobs cruise into Stockholm

Cruise traffic arriving in the Swedish capital last year generated €176 million and 1,100 jobs for the Stockholm region.

A new independent survey shows the economic importance of international cruise traffic to Stockholm and how attractive the city is as a cruise destination.

The maritime management, marketing and consultancy company G P Wild carried out a survey of the total economic effects of the cruise industry in 2018 in the Stockholm region. It was also completed for around 20 other port cities.

“This survey demonstrates that the cruise industry contributes a great amount to our region, with a total economic effect of €176 million and 1,100 jobs. It is also extremely pleasing that Stockholm is a popular cruise destination and that the majority of cruise passengers are very satisfied with their visit,” says Fredrik Lindstål, chair of the board at Ports of Stockholm.

During the year, Stockholm was visited by 623,000 cruise passengers and 240,000 crew members. They spent €57 million on hotel rooms, food, sightseeing excursions, shopping and other products and services.

In addition, the cruise shipping companies spent a total amount of €25 million on harbour dues, pilotage dues and fairway dues in Stockholm.

The total amount of €82 million spent by passengers, crew members and the cruise shipping companies is of great significance for employment and revenue.

Passenger satisfaction
Most of the cruise passengers come from Germany, the USA and the United Kingdom. The typical visitor to Stockholm is 57 years old and travels with one companion.

Three out of every four passengers visiting Stockholm said they were extremely or very satisfied with their visit in comparison to their expectations. Almost all were prepared to recommend Stockholm to their friends as a cruise destination.

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