Rewe Reaches Out to UK with Dertour Brand

Dertour may present a credible alternative for agents to the “big two” operators.

Germany’s second largest tour operator after TUI has made a bold grab for the UK market by offering a full range of worldwide products through its brand Dertour. The aim of the German tour operator giant Rewe is to give independent agents more choice than just the “big two” operators TUI and Thomas Cook, taking advantage of gaps in the market not already on offer. “

We can help people who are getting squeezed by other large operators – we know product is getting tight in some areas,” explained Tim Locke, Dertour UK’s head of marketing. In the coming weeks, Dertour is planning to meet with the UK’s top travel agency consortia, such as TTA Worldchoice and Advantage, to ascertain which products are needed. “We have access to a global product that covers pretty much everything worldwide,” said Julie Craig, managing director of Dertour UK. “We will speak to the consortia to see what their needs are and try to fill those gaps.”

Rewe Group currently operates in 16 countries across Europe, though not in the Nordic countries, and has a turnover of more than €50 billion, much of it emanating from supermarket chains. That’s lot of retail muscle to put behind an expanding travel and tourism division. The travel and tourism wing comprises the tour operators ITS, Jahn Reisen and Tjaereborg as well as Dertour, Meier’s Weltreisen and ADAC Reisen, plus about 2,500 travel agencies. Dertour UK specialises in Germany and Central Europe, but advances in technology have allowed it to offer all of its worldwide products in the UK. The plan is to sell under the Dertour brand and Atol licence.