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Reykjavík is Europe’s second priciest city

Prices right across the Nordic region are far higher than elsewhere on the continent, whether for a hotel room or a beer.

Reykjavik is Europe’s second most expensive city, according to a new survey by the travel website Wanderu, beaten in terms of its high prices only by Monaco.

Admission to museums in the Icelandic capital is now 28 times more expensive than in Europe’s cheapest city for such attractions, Chișinău in Moldova.

The least expensive capital city in Europe overall is Skopje in Macedonia.

The results were calculated using average prices for hotels, taxis, public transport, food, beer, coffee and museums.

An average price for a night at a Reykjavik hotel, on average, is around €317, quite a contrast to €54 in Skopje.

Beer in Reykjavik is also pricey. For one beer in the Icelandic capital, you can buy 12 beers in Kiev.

Nordic prices
Wanderu markets itself as “the simplest way to book bus and train travel across North America and Europe”.

For its list, it ranks European capitals from the most budget-friendly to the most expensive, using a “specific methodology” based on travellers’ average spending habits when they visit a new place.

Among the other capital cities of Nordic and Baltic Europe, Reykjavik ranks 47th out of 48 in terms of overall cheapness, Copenhagen 42nd, Helsinki 41st, Stockholm 39th, Oslo 38th and the Baltic capitals of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius in 34th, 29th and 16th places.

Of the specific products monitored, Oslo and Stockholm are among the top five most expensive cities for public transport. Oslo is the second priciest city for meals, while all of the Nordic capitals are in the top five most expensive cities for a beer and (except Stockholm) for a coffee.

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