Rolls-Royce admits error in Airbus engine

Company admits measurement error in Qantas incident

Rolls-Royce admits it “fell short” when one of its Airbus A380 engines caught fire and fell apart during a Qantas flight in November 2010, Travel Daily Media reports. The incident happened after the plane took off from Singapore Changi, showering Trent 900 turbine debris across the Indonesian island of Batam.
An Australian Transport Safety Bureau report concluded that some of the engine’s oil feed pipes “did not conform to the design specifications”. Now UK-based Rolls-Royce says it regrets the incident, but that it has learned lessons from it.
The engine-maker also praised the A380’s design for being able to withstand the engine failure.
According to the ATSB report, an oil pipe in one of the aircraft’s four engines had been manufactured incorrectly due to a measurement error in the drilling process. The resulting oil leak caused a fire in the engine, which in turn made the turbine disc fracture and break up.
Travel Daily Media