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Rolls-Royce reveals costly new inspections

A fault affects a “small number” of Package B Trent 1000 engines, on top of other faults revealed earlier.

Rolls-Royce is expanding the costly inspections of its widely used Trent 1000 aircraft engines. This comes on top of durability issues being found on a different series of the commonly used Boeing 787 engine.

The company says the fault affects a “small number” of Package B Trent 1000 engines. But it adds to problems with another model – Package C – that was revealed in March.

The news was also revealed just hours after the engine manufacturer refused to confirm or deny reports that it was about to cut 4,000 jobs. The company initially announced restructuring in January.

Rolls-Royce – which made a pre-tax profit of £4.9 billion (€5.56 billion) in 2017 – will now check the Package B engines but insists it will still hit financial targets for the year.

166 engines
We have [….] agreed with Boeing and the relevant regulatory authorities to carry out a one-off inspection of our Trent 1000 Package B fleet, to further inform our understanding,” the engine maker said in a statement. “The Package B standard has been in service since 2012 and consists of 166 engines.”

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