Russia plane crash: black boxes “damaged”

FlyDubai flight crashed killing all passengers and crew
Aviation experts are investigating the contents of two black boxes from the FlyDubai flight that crashed in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, killing all 55 passengers and seven crew.
Such was the impact of the crash, officials say the cockpit voice and data recorders were badly damaged and not likely to reveal much information.
The Boeing 737-800 from Dubai crashed at a steep angle as it tried to land on its second attempt in stormy conditions and strong winds on Saturday. But it is not yet clear what exactly caused the crash.
The airline said the Cypriot pilot and Spanish co-pilot each had nearly 6,000 hours of flying experience.
The black boxes are being examined in Moscow by experts from Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the US and France, AP reports. The American-made Boeing had French-manufactured engines.
The force of the impact left a large crater in the runway with debris and passengers’ belongings and remains spread over a wide area. According to reports, the plane abandoned its first attempt to land and circled for two hours before crashing in the second attempt.
The Guardian / AP


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