Russia says bomb caused crash, Egypt not so sure

Egypt insists there is no evidence to suggest criminal action
Even as the Kremlin says that a bomb caused the Russian Metrojet aircraft crash that killed 224 people, Cairo insists there is still no evidence of a crime.
Russia’s security services announced yesterday that it was certain about a bomb, joining Britain and the United States in reaching that conclusion. But Egypt wants to wait until all investigations are complete.
Later in the day, Egypt’s government held its latest meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh to show solidarity with the tourism industry. There, Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said it was too early to be drawn into agreeing with Russia’s conclusions.
“The Egyptian authorities affirm they will take into consideration the investigations that the Russian side reached,” he said.
Interior Minister Magid Abdel Ghaffar added: “Regarding Sharm el-Sheikh airport, when we discover that there have been security lapses, action will be taken, but up to now we have no information about lapses in the search and security procedures.”
In collaboration with foreign experts, security checks have been stepped up at Egyptian airports, including on staff. There are reports that Egyptian authorities have detained a number of employees from Sharm el-Sheikh airport for questioning. One official said that CCTV footage showed an employee carrying a suitcase from an airport building to another man loading luggage onto the plane.