Russian tourists take the lead in Finland

Russian couples and families begin to explore Scandinavia

Russian tourists outnumbered any other nationality visiting Finland this summer, following a considerable increase in numbers. According to data gathered by the Finnish Statistics Bureau, Russian tourists took the
greatest share among foreigners who had holidays in the country. The number of visits by Russian tourists in June increased 28% in comparison with the same period last year, amounting to 78,000 people. Germans and Swedes took the second and third place. In general, the number of foreigners’ overnights in Finland in June amounted to 516,000 (+9%).
The tourist flow from Russia has been increasing constantly despite statements by the Finnish Interior Minister against a visa-free regime with Russia. When ferries such as Princess Mary and Princess Anastasia appeared carrying Russian tourists, the interest in trips to Scandinavia increased, especially trips taking in several Scandinavian countries.
[pictured: Lake Saimaa, eastern Finland]