Ryanair accused of illegal surveillance

Airline “films employees while they’re eating”

Norway has again clashed with the Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair. The country’s agency on privacy issues has charged the airline with illegally setting up surveillance cameras in a building used by its employees at Oslo’s Rygge Airport.

The building is where employees collect shift information, eat meals and keep money from inflight sales. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority believes the cameras violate the employees’ right to privacy.

The cameras were installed without warning earlier this year. Soon afterwards the authority’s agents were tipped off about them, according to reports aired on Norwegian Broadcasting television and radio.

Ryanair says the surveillance cameras were necessary to prevent theft from the building’s safe. But the agency is charging it with failing to apply for permission to conduct employee surveillance and for filming more than is necessary to stop theft since cameras were put up elsewhere.

“They have set up several cameras,” Bjørn Erik Thon, the agency’s director, told NRK. “The rules are that you shall never film more than is strictly necessary for what you need to secure.”

Ryanair “doesn’t need to film its employees while they’re eating,” he argued.


[photo courtesy Ryanair]

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