Ryanair, among others, bids for Alitalia

But the ever-expanding LCC has several conditions
Ryanair says it has bid for bankrupt, loss-bleeding airline Alitalia – but will only follow through if it is restructured and the Italian government gets out of the picture.
In total, around 10 bidders are reported to be in the running to take over all or part of the struggling airline, including Ryanair and Etihad Airways, which owns 49% of the company.
“Our interest in Alitalia is only […] if there was a significant restructuring so that Alitalia could reasonably be seen to operate on a profitable basis,” chief executive Michael O’Leary said during a conference call on its recent results.
And there must be “an absence of Italian government interference,” he added.
O’Leary has said before that Ryanair could seek a majority stake in Alitalia. But he said during this week’s conference call that Brexit has caused a lack of clarity in the transport sector, which may lead to a period of flights being disrupted.
If the lack of clarity persists into autumn 2018, Ryanair says it may have to move some or all its fleet out of the UK to mainland Europe.
Business Insider