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Ryanair cabin crew reveal strike dates

Unions representing the low-cost carrier’s employees in four European countries announce strikes in late July.

Cabin crew working for Ryanair who are based in four countries say they will go on strike in late July – in Italy for 24 hours on July 25, and in Spain, Portugal and Belgium for 48 hours on July 25-26.

Unions warn that further action may follow if the budget carrier continues to refuse to make concessions on a number of employment terms, a list of which has been issued.

These demands include a request to be paid into bank accounts in their home countries, rather than in Ireland, the BBC reports.

Ryanair, which flies in 37 countries, argues that its employment conditions for its staff are competitive, if not better, than those offered by rivals.

String of attacks
The four unions representing cabin crew said in a joint statement: “We call on the European Commission, and the governments of every European country where Ryanair operates, to act upon the social dumping performed by the Irish low-cost carrier and to enforce the EU employment and national imperative legislation.”

It is the latest in a string of attacks against Ryanair by unions since the airline reluctantly agreed to union recognition in December, after years of refusing to allow unions to represent its staff.

Earlier this week, the carrier’s pilots in Ireland said they would strike for the first time on July 12, while German pilots are currently voting on whether to stage their own walkout.

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