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Ryanair changes its cabin bag rules again

Ryanair is altering the rules on how much passengers will have to pay to carry bags on the plane.

Ryanair is tightening rules for the price passengers pay to carry bags on the plane, in an effort to “speed up boarding”, the BBC reports the airline as saying.

Starting from November, passengers will be allowed to take one “small personal bag” into the cabin – small enough to fit under the seat in front.

But there will be a fee of €6 for bigger bags weighing up to 10kg, such as a wheeled suitcase. The fee to check that bag into the hold instead will be €10.

The move is aimed at “improving punctuality and reducing boarding gate delays”, the airline says, not to make money.

Only 95 passengers per flight – about half of the total – will be allowed to pay for the right to take the extra bag on board. The rest will have to pay extra to put it in the hold. Bigger checked-in luggage will cost €25 per bag.

Second time in a year
This is the second time within the space of a year that Ryanair has changed its cabin bag policy.

Rival carriers like easyJet, Wizz and Norwegian allow one piece of free hand luggage in the cabin on short-haul flights.

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