Ryanair cuts back on base in Riga

Carrier redeploys aircraft in Spain, Italy and Hungary

Ryanair’s market share in Latvia is falling. Compared to the last summer season, this summer the carrier will operate 21 less flights each week. It blames Riga International Airport for introducing compulsory new security fees. Every other airline flying to Riga has agreed to include these fees – introduced by the Latvian government at the start of the year – in their fares, but Ryanair has refused.
In Tallinn, Ryanair will operate six less flights a week in summer 2012. In Lithuania, however, it retains a strong position as the carrier with the biggest market share (43%).
Ryanair has also decided to scale back its departures in Morocco (37 less flights a week), Ireland (31 less) and the UK (25 less). But it is redeploying its aircraft this summer to take more visible positions in Spain (167 more flights a week), Hungary (141 more) and Italy (113 more).
[photo courtesy Riga International Airport]