Ryanair departure may close Norway airport

Board at Moss Airport Rygge near Oslo warns of closure
The board of directors at Moss Airport Rygge near Oslo say that Ryanair abandoning its base there will force them to shut down the airport’s commercial operations.
Ryanair has said it will close its base at Rygge because of Norway’s new passenger tax, scheduled to take effect on June 1. Without Ryanair, the airport’s passenger stats would fall from 1.6 million last year to less than 500,000.
The airport’s closure on November 1 would result in 500 direct and 500 indirect jobs lost. Despite this, Erna Solberg, the country’s prime minister, defended the new tax.
“No Norwegian airports will close because of a fee on flights,” she posted on Facebook. “In this specific instance, it is about Ryanair choosing not to use the airport at Rygge, apparently because of the new fee – a fee that doesn’t appear to hinder Ryanair from flying to other airports in Norway.”
NTB / The Local