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Ryanair pilots to strike despite talks

The walkout is being done by the carrier’s Irish-based pilots who are directly employed by the airline.

The Irish pilots’ union Fórsa says it is not hopeful that a deal with low-cost carrier Ryanair can be reached in time to stop tomorrow’s planned 24-hour strike.

The airline has so far cancelled 30 of its 290 scheduled flights between Ireland and the UK, leaving for now the European routes to summer resorts.

But the two sides are at “year zero” in the negotiations, said Bernard Harbor, the union’s communications director, on arriving for talks with management at Dublin Airport, the Irish broadcaster RTE reports.

For the strike to be called off, something very positive would have to happen to convince the pilots, who are who are directly employed by the airline, that an agreement satisfying their demands would be reached.

Management culture
There is a culture in Ryanair, he added, where the management tells staff what will happen rather than sitting down for talks, whereas the union needs it to actually negotiate, Harbor suggested.

He insists that what the pilots want is cost free, easy to achieve and common also in other airlines.

The pilots understand that strikes are bad for passengers, the company and tourism but it is an act of last resort, he said.

Asked about other planned strikes at Ryanair in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium, he said that Fórsa has no issue with industrial action staged by cabin crew and does not see this happening in Ireland for now.

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