Ryanair suffers as Alitalia delays

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More than 700 of Ryanair’s 2,000 cancelled flights are to or from Italy
Alitalia says it is giving companies bidding for its assets an extension to the deadline for the submission of bids.
Bidders were initially given a submission deadline of October 2, but Alitalia has now extended it to October 16, to give more time “to carry out extensive review”.
Several airlines have shown interest in bidding for all of Alitalia, or parts of it, with Ryanair reported to have a strong interest in the airline.
But the new controversy over Ryanair’s cancellations has raised worries in Italy over an Alitalia takeover. The budget carrier’s staffing problems have called its bid for the flag carrier into question.
The Irish airline has recently seen massive growth in Italy, now cornering 24.3% of the market compared to Alitalia’s 17%. That means the cancellation of thousands of flights across Europe due to a backlog of staff leave is especially bad in Italy – more than 700 of the 2,000 scrapped flights are to or from Italy.
Transport Minister Graziano Delrio says the impact of the cancellations is “very serious”.
“It’s caused a huge amount of inconvenience for Italians and we insist on the absolute respect for passengers’ rights,” he said. “We will monitor the situation, but we can’t make allowances for such a huge amount of disruption.”
Airwise / The Guardian