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Boeing 737 MAX 8-200 (image: Ryanair)

Ryanair to fly new MAX 8 to Sweden

Passengers flying between London Stansted and both Gothenburg and Stockholm will be among the first to feel the MAX 8-200.

Ryanair will start flying the brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8-200 on routes out of London Stansted from May 14. Less than a month later it will be deployed on routes to Sweden.

The airline played a key role in the design of the aircraft, which can carry up to 200 passengers, or 4% more than the current model’s capacity, while burning 16% less fuel.

Today, Ryanair operates exclusively with the slightly smaller Boeing 737-800, but in the future the 737 MAX 8 will be the carrier’s workhorse.

Ryanair will base the first MAX 8 at Stansted, where it is scheduled to fly to Tenerife on May 14 and then on the same day to Thessaloniki.

From May 16 it will also fly to Alicante, Palermo and Dortmund and then to an array of routes from Stansted to various European destinations in May, June and July.

Two of these will be to Sweden, where passengers will have the opportunity to experience this type of aircraft on routes from Stansted to Gothenburg and Stockholm-Västerås, operated with a MAX 8-200 once a week from June 5.

Eight seats
Ryanair is the launch customer of the special -200 version of the MAX 8, designed for Ryanair with 197 seats – eight more seats than in both the ‘regular’ MAX 8 aircraft and in Ryanair’s current 737-800s.

As a result of the extra seating, Boeing has had to equip the planes with two additional emergency exits, which are located between the wings and the rear doors of the 39.5-metre aircraft.

Ryanair has an order with Boeing for as many as 135 MAX 8-200s, making it one of the biggest MAX 8 customers. Norwegian was the launch customer for the MAX 8 aircraft in Europe in June 2017 and has a total order of 100 aircraft of the type. Other European customers for the MAX 8 include Icelandair, LOT and TUI Group.

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