Saab propeller found in city suburbs

Propeller falls off plane during flight above Sydney
A propeller that fell off a Regional Express (Rex) flight in Australia as it was approaching Sydney has been found in bushland just to the southwest of the city’s suburbs.
It took four days to find the propeller, which span off the Saab 340 as it was landing from Albury, forcing the pilots into an emergency landing.
No one on board – or on the ground – was harmed, but passengers were said to be “shaken”. A police helicopter eventually spotted the piece of equipment.
Observers commended the pilots for staying calm under pressure and said it was lucky the propeller didn’t hit the wing or the cabin.
“Rex has decided, by abundance of caution, to immediately remove from service and quarantine all propeller gear boxes and shafts of the same series as that of the incident for further inspection and testing if warranted,” the airline said in a statement.

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