Sabre exec: Airlines need to change

“Airlines must act more like a traditional retailer”, he says

Speaking to Air Transport World, Hugh Jones, president of Sabre Airline Solutions, says that airlines “need a partner that doesn’t lock them into a certain way of doing business”. Sabre’s solutions, he says, give airlines freedom to expand and push up revenues.
To the question “What do you think are the main challenges the industry is facing today?” he replies (among other challenges): “I think we all agree that airlines have to find creative ways to generate incremental revenue. They must transform themselves beyond just moving passengers from one place to another. One of the challenges the industry is facing today is the ability to drive incremental revenue through advanced merchandising and ancillary sales. Our product merchandising solution, including our deep consulting expertise, opens up an enormous opportunity for them to evolve their strategy and act more like a traditional retailer, to dynamically offer the right product and the right service at the most optimal time in the traveller’s journey – ultimately allowing airlines to alleviate revenue pressures and give their passengers the experience they deserve.”
[pictured: Lufthansa’s Europa Cabin]

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