Safety board updates 787 fire investigation

NTSB provides update on Boeing 787 battery incident

The investigative work into the fire on a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 at Logan International Airport in Boston on January 7, 2013, should be completed by the end of March, the National Transportation Safety Board says.

The analytical and report writing phase of the investigation will follow the completion of the ongoing investigative activities. The final report is expected to be presented to the board at a public meeting in Washington in the autumn.

Members of the investigative team have been conducting work in the United States, Japan, France, and Taiwan. As the investigation has progressed, the NTSB has been working with Boeing, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Japan Transport Safety Bureau, the French BEA and technical advisors from Japan and France.

Some of the investigative activities include disassembly and documentation of the individual cells of the incident battery; examinations of exemplar batteries and battery cells for baseline reference and comparison to the incident battery; radiographic studies including over 200,000 CT scan images; and interviews with personnel.

Aviation Week

[pictured: NTSB investigator in the damaged Boeing 787; photo courtesy NTSB]