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Photo: Pasi Salminen / TUI Group

Santa names new Boeing after Lapland town

TUI says its new planes are becoming ambassadors for holiday regions, with a far northern resort town among them.

The tour operator giant and airline TUI is underlining its special relationship with holiday destinations and host countries by naming its aircraft after them.

The company is naming its newest Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes with the names of some of these destinations, so that the aircraft from now on serve as ambassadors for these regions.

Finland is special because it’s “not only an important source market for TUI but at the same time is also a destination for it,” the tour operator says.

The region of Lapland in northern Finland is an increasingly favourite holiday destinations for TUI customers in the winter season – except on the rare occasions there’s no snow.

As a result, the company decided that the town of Kittilä could give its name to the fourth out of a total of 72 new planes ordered.

(God)father Christmas
TUI Airways’ Boeing 737 MAX 8 with the identification G-TUMA was named Kittilä, with Finnish citizen Santa Claus himself present for the ceremony at newly expanded Kittilä Airport.

As the region is famous for being the home of Santa Claus, he was chosen by TUI as the godfather at the name-giving ceremony and conducted the act of ‘blessing’ the new plane.

Other guests at the event included TUI partner company Lapland Safari, representatives of Lapland tourism associations and TUI hotel partners and business partners.

“This was a very special moment for me. I love my home region Lapland and the people here, as much as I love all people everywhere in the world,” declared Santa Claus.

“I feel proud of the fact that the name of Kittilä is now carried by this aircraft of TUI and that it will become the ambassador to Lapland. Airplanes bring people together and make beautiful memories possible. I wish all passengers of the ‘Kittilä’ to always take home many beautiful memories and moments of happiness from their travels. I wish to all people Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

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