Sarkozy orders no-fly zone over Riviera villa

French president bans planes fling lower than 915 metres over retreat

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has imposed a temporary no-fly zone above the Riviera retreat where he and his wife Carla Bruni are spending the Easter break. The ban, which restricts aircraft from flying lower than 915 metres above the Cap-Nègre residence, is for the period April 8-26. Pilots who dare to defy it could face a fine of up to €40,000 or six months in prison.
It’s not the first time the president has imposed a no-fly zone over the villa. He did the same in 2008 shortly after marrying Bruni, in an effort to keep away prying paparazzi. But photographers were still able to snap the first couple frolicking in the sea. This is the French leader’s main holiday retreat. He recently told members of the government to take their holidays in France and not to vacation abroad.
[photo courtesy Élysé]