SAS “radically simplifies” baggage prices

“Now you can even include a large surfboard”

SAS has announced that while passengers can always check in one bag free when they fly SAS, the airline is now cutting the price on all additional baggage and “radically simplifying our pricing model and rules for special baggage”.

The price reduction applies to tickets bought online or at SAS’s self-service tickets machines at airports, for all types of baggage up to a maximum weight of 23kg.

The simplified rules include special baggage such as skis, golf clubs, bicycles, fishing equipment and musical instruments. The weight limit is the only rule that applies, provided the aircraft has enough physical space. The weight increases to 32kg for Business Class.

“Now you can even include a large surfboard in your free baggage allowance when flying with SAS,” the airline’s product manager Snorre Andresen said.

TTG Nordic

[photo courtesy SAS]