SAS “waves goodbye to quarter billion”

Airline abandons planned credit card fee in all markets

SAS has opted to “wave goodbye to quarter of a billion” by completely abandoning its planned credit card fee in all markets, according to media reports. The move could cost the airline between SEK 200 to 300 million (€24-35 million).
As reported, the airline had planned to introduce a fee for credit card payments from October for selected European markets. It then abandoned the introduction of fees in the Nordic region, but kept the plan in place for Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, the UK, Switzerland and Germany from October 16. Corporate customers expressed dissatisfaction with the fee, which would have amounted to around 50 dollars for short-flight tickets and 110 dollars for long-haul tickets.
“As we came closer to launch, we encountered technical and legal challenges that made it impossible for us to offer a simple solution,” SAS press officer Trine Kromann-Mikkelsen said. “We are probably the only major network company that does not have this fee, and we did not anticipate it would be received with as much surprise in the market.”
[pictured: SAS A340; courtesy SAS]