SAS among worst airlines for fuel efficiency

Big fuel-efficiency gaps among transatlantic airlines
The legacy airlines SAS, Lufthansa and British Airways have the worst CO2 performance, measured by passenger kilometres per litre, of all of the airlines flying across the Atlantic, a new report says. Low-cost carriers Norwegian, Air Berlin and Aer Lingus have the best.
A 43-page study by the International Council on Clean Transportation – the same independent non-profit group that uncovered the Volkswagen emissions scandal – compares the carbon footprints of 20 transatlantic carriers, using 2014 data.
It finds that the bigger transatlantic airlines are up to 51% less fuel-efficient than their lower-cost rivals, which have fewer first-class seats and newer fleets.
“The fact that market forces and fuel efficiency aren’t well-aligned on these routes highlights the need for policies to reduce emissions,” said the report’s co-author Daniel Rutherford.