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SAS announces first A350 flights

The Scandinavian carrier says that flights on its new fuel-efficient and comfortable Airbus A350s will begin in January 2020.

According to SAS, starting in January 2020 travellers will be able to fly with the airline on “the most fuel-efficient and comfortable long haul aircraft”, the A350. The company says that the new aircraft is a key investment and part of the extensive renewal of the SAS fleet, tailored to reduce emissions, and in line with the Scandinavian outlook on travel.

On January 28, 2020, the first of eight new SAS A350s will officially enter into long-haul service between Copenhagen and Chicago, which the company says is one of its most popular routes. It will be based at the Copenhagen Airport hub and will operate on seven routes during the first year, including Beijing, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and San Francisco, as well as Chicago.

The aircraft can accommodate up to 300 passengers, 40 in SAS Business, 32 in SAS Plus and 228 in SAS Go. The airline says that these passengers and the SAS crew can experience “an unmatched cabin environment created by a combination of the quietest twin-aisle cabin, optimised cabin altitude, more fresh air, and advanced control of temperature and humidity”.

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SAS claims that the A350 lowers CO2 emissions by approximately 30% and reduces the external noise footprint by up to 40% compared to previous generation aircraft.

In total, as part of the modernisation of its short and long-haul fleet, SAS will take delivery of 80 new A320neo aircraft, five A330 enhanced aircraft, eight A350s and three A321LRs before the end of 2023.

The company says that the new planes will help SAS achieve the target of reducing total carbon emissions by at least 25% by 2030, an ambition exceeding the targets set by the International Air Transport Association.

The first SAS A350 will be named ‘SE-RSA Ingegerd Viking’. It will be delivered from the Airbus factory in Toulouse by the end of 2019. Following delivery, it will fly training flights in Scandinavia during December and January to educate pilots and crew.

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