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Photo: SAS

SAS chaos stretches into new week

The pilots’ strike continues across Scandinavia, so SAS has opted to cancel more flights in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

More than 100,000 SAS passengers will not be able to take to the air on Monday and Tuesday, in addition to those already hit by the ongoing strike, as a total of 1,213 flights will be axed over the coming two days.

“We deeply regret that our customers are affected by the ongoing pilot strike when SAS now cancels flights on Monday and Tuesday,” the carrier laments.

The strike will affect an additional 61,000 passengers on Monday when 667 flights are cancelled across Scandinavia. On Tuesday 49,000 passengers and 546 departures will be affected, SAS says.

“SAS is striving to reach a solution as quickly as possible to prevent additional inconveniences for travellers. Flights operated by SAS’ partners will not be affected by the strike,” the airline claims.

“We’re doing everything we can to help our passengers. There is a dedicated page for all information concerning traffic disruptions, passenger rights, booking, rebooking and refunds,” SAS says, pointing to

Not only SAS
At noon on Sunday, SAS decided to cancel all of the flights on Monday and Tuesday that should have been flown by its own Scandinavian pilots.

This means that 110,000 passengers must find other modes of travel as a total of 1,213 flights have been cancelled – 667 during Monday and 546 on Tuesday, SAS says in a press release.

With the latest cancellations, 279,334 SAS passengers have disturbed their travel plans due to a total of 2,802 cancellations since the strike began on April 26.

However, external production companies continue to fly for SAS. This means it will be possible to carry out a total of 294 flights on Monday so that an estimated 20,000 to 25,000 passengers can arrive at their destination as planned.

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