SAS continues exemplary punctuality record

Scandinavian airline named world’s most punctual in July

Continuing its track record for on-time flights, Scandinavian Airlines is the world’s most punctual airline, with 91.48% of all flights arriving on time in the month of July, according to Flightstats. For the last three years, SAS has been Europe’s most punctual airline in the major airlines category, which includes airlines with at least 30,000 flights a year. Its Norwegian subsidiary Widerųe, which is considered a minor airline, was Europe’s most punctual airline overall, with 91.5%. This is the first time two SAS Group airlines claimed the two top spots at the same time. Two other airlines worldwide had a punctuality record near SAS’s, namely the Japanese airlines JAL and ANA. Amongst the European carriers, Finnair was Europe’s 19th most punctual airline with a punctuality of 81.36%, Lufthansa in 28th place with 78.65%, British Airways 32nd with 76.42% and Air France 39th with 70.36%. The punctuality average in July for all European airlines was 77.3%.
Transport Weekly
[pictured: SAS Lounge, CPH; courtesy SAS Group]