SAS crew member suspected of being drunk

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Colleagues raise alarm about person being under the influence
A SAS crew member has been seized by police at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport after a long-haul flight. Colleagues had raised the alarm about the individual being under the influence of alcohol.
The crew member subsequently failed a breathalyzer test following the flight from Hong Kong.
“I have information confirming this,” SAS press spokesman Fredrik Henriksson told the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.
After the breathalyzer test, police at the airport confirmed that they took the employee for a body search and a blood test.
Henriksson told Aftonbladet: “We’re treating this as serious because we have a strict alcohol policy that states you have to have an alcohol limit of zero for at least eight hours before a flight. Security for both our staff and our passengers is always of highest priority.”
He added: “If it turns out the person was under the influence it could have consequences for their employment.”
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