SAS employees still too expensive

Staff face more cutbacks despite good results
SAS has posted its year-end report, promising prosperity at the airline with a profit of SEK 1174 million (€126 million) before tax and special items. But still the high cost of the company’s personnel persists.
It was a satisfied SAS CEO Rickard Gustafson who this morning confirmed the expected and strong performance, with SEK 956 million net profit.
“This was a significant year-on-year improvement, primarily driven by our commercial successes, cost measures and, in the fourth quarter, by lower jet-fuel costs,” he said.
But he is not completely satisfied. Staff costs are still too great, he said, despite ongoing savings. The airline’s aggressive strategy of new routes and loyal bonus customers should have yielded more.
“We must focus even more on our expenses,” Gustafson said.
TTG Nordic