SAS gives new Billund route a winter break

Oslo-Billund will pause from mid-December until March 3

SAS only opened its first international scheduled route in 14 years to the west Danish airport of Billund six weeks ago. Now it says there are not enough passengers to fly through the winter, so the route will pause for a few months. The route is operated with six weekly flights in competition with Norwegian and Sun-Air, flying on behalf of British Airways. But apparently there is not enough demand in the winter months to keep all three companies in the air. Norwegian is reducing its own route from six to five weekly flights in the weak winter months.
SAS says it will fly on the last Friday before Christmas before shutting down until starting up again on March 3.
“Unfortunately, we have not experienced enough demand for the direct route between Billund and Oslo and we are compelled to take a break over the winter,” press officer Trine Kromann-Mikkelsen explained.
[pictured: Morning check-in; courtesy Billund Airport]

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