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SAS launches new champagne, new beer

Two partnerships mean that a new champagne and a new beer will soon be available only on SAS flights.

SAS says it is looking forward to treating passengers this summer by continuing two collaborations with drinks producers that deliver exclusive new inflight beverages.

A deal with Charles Heidsieck means the airline’s cabin crew will be pouring a vintage champagne, although the newly released vintage will only be available at the front of the cabin.

SAS Business passengers will be the only ones in the world able to taste it, in fact, with the airline replacing its non-vintage brut with the previously unreleased rose vintage 2005 and all remaining bottles of the 2006 vintage.

“We selected this new champagne as its taste profile is a perfect match for our business class cabin,” SAS head chef Peter Lawrence comments. “With fruity notes and tasting of figs, pine nuts and brioche, with a long, balanced finish, the new champagne elevates our offering to the next level.”

Beers on board
Meanwhile, continued collaboration with the Danish brewery Mikkeller brings to the SAS cabin a “summery non-alcoholic beer”, following up on its first exclusive beers introduced a year ago as part of its New Nordic Food & Beverage concept.

“We believe we lead the market with our offering,” Lawrence claims. “Since launching our new onboard dining concept a year ago, we have introduced several new and different beers, including exclusive brews from Danish brewery Mikkeller, but felt that a non-alcoholic beer was missing from our selection.”

He adds that many of the beers available on board are “brewed and fermented using wild yeast and each is served at the peak of their flavour and profile”.

SAS has worked together with Mikkeller to develop 18 different and exclusive beers so far, plus one cocktail and one vodka, with six more beers in development to be released only on SAS flights.

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