SAS launches new marketing concept

“We Are Travellers” sees travelling as a way of life

SAS has launched a new marketing concept, which it calls “We Are Travellers”. The concept “reinforces the idea of travel as part of our way of life and it also celebrates the joy and anticipation we feel before a flight,” the airline says.

Using portraits of real customers and employees, SAS wants to show that there are many different kinds of travellers but they all have something in common – they love to travel and they do it a lot.

The marketing is being launched through a campaign via the airline’s own channels, on TV, in print, online and in outdoor advertising, in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It starts with “an emotional film that pays tribute to aviation and all of us who love to travel”. This and several shorter films featuring SAS crew and customers, all chosen “because they love to travel, they travel a lot and because they are interesting people,” the carrier explains. They include a freestyle skier, a specialist doctor and a gallery owner as well as pilots and air hostesses.

The concept comes after “extensive long-term efforts” to listen to frequent travellers in focus groups and through customer surveys.

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[photo courtesy SAS]

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