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SAS partners with Scandinavian Olympic teams

It is the first time the three Nordic Olympic associations have chosen a common Scandinavian partner, in time for Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022.

SAS is entering into a unique cross-border partnership with the three national Scandinavian Olympic committees as a “principal partner” in the run-up to and during the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and the Winter Games in Beijing 2022.

It aims to support the Olympic competitors in the national teams of Denmark, Norway and Sweden on their journeys to compete in Tokyo and Beijing.

The cooperation extends until 2022 and means that “the three Olympic associations will support each other until 2022 with the preparations, and that SAS will fly participants to and from the Olympic destinations,” the airline says.

This is the first time the three Olympic associations have chosen a common Scandinavian partner. SAS has worked with the three Scandinavian Olympic committees for a number of years, but separately.

Scandinavian values
The Olympic Games are one of several ways SAS says it can amplify the Nordics’ presence both domestically and globally, especially as “respect for the individual and friendship across borders are strong values in Scandinavia”.

“People must continue to meet. We make it possible for people to travel to, from and within Scandinavia and in so doing, we also help spread our common Scandinavian values around the world,” explains Rickard Gustafson, the airline’s president and chief executive.

In an ever more globalized world, digitalised but also more polarized, SAS wants “to emphasise the importance of cross-border meetings to create a platform for sustainable development in society in general. Being able to meet, exchange cultures and share values makes the world a better place, and travel and flying enable this.”

Denmark’s National Olympic Committee (DIF) is convinced the Olympic cooperation with SAS will be fruitful.

“At DIF we are flying all the way with the joint Scandinavian partnership agreement with SAS,” says Niels Nygaard, the body’s chairman.

“The partnership agreement gives us first and foremost the opportunity to help our athletes prepare for the Olympics. At the same time, the agreement ensures good and reliable transport to and from the Olympic destinations.”

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