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SAS passengers can upgrade bonus flights

SAS customers can bid for upgrades to SAS Plus or SAS Business – including flights booked with EuroBonus points.

For some time, SAS has been offering its customers the chance to bid for upgrades to its Plus or Business classes. Now the airline says that passengers who have booked a EuroBonus Award Trip – a journey using EuroBonus points – can also bid on an upgrade.

SAS explains it is making it easy for passengers to submit a bid to upgrade their flight, whether the ticket is paid for or booked using EuroBonus points.

Upgrades are available to bid on whether the flight is domestic, within the Nordic countries or Europe, or to and from the USA or Asia.

In SAS Upgrade, passengers decide how much they want to bid for an upgrade to SAS Plus or SAS Business, and can also pay with EuroBonus points.

In other words, they can decide how much they are prepared to pay for extras such as the Lounge, Fast Track or a sleeper seat on their next trip. The highest bid is upgraded, subject to availability.

Bid for food
Passengers can bid for an upgrade up to 48 hours before departure. They receive email notification 36 hours before departure if their bid has been successful. Payment is only made if the bid is accepted.

Upgrading to SAS Plus provides benefits such as access to Fast Track and SAS lounges as well as food and drink while on board.

An upgrade to SAS Business provides these and other benefits such as a sleeper seat and a “restaurant-style experience” during the flight.

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